What is X Wall Street

Warning: This is a campaign! Occupy Wall Street! Through the means of blockchain social games, we continue to occupy Wall Street in the financial center of New York City to resist the greed and injustice of centralized large companies and social inequality, to oppose the influence of large companies on American politics, and the influence of money and companies on democracy and society. Negative legal and political consequences of the global economic crisis. Get rid of the copper bulls on Wall Street and build a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto!

X wall street is a plug-in application based on Chrome. It is a web3.0 social application that provides services to Crypto investors in X.


The project is open source, managerless, fair launch, free evolution...


Token Max supply:1,000,000,000 XWS


Everyone who holds XWS can participate in mining and earn 90% of XWS by holding 9% of XWS.



There is no Telegram, no Discord, any community member can create one.

Temporary project official X account: @xwallst

Download : https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/x-wall-street-beta/pdicclmcoajgjdfdhmphhfnjoajakicg?utm_source=ext_app_menu

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